research; lighthouses

The one thing that i found most interesting when walking around in Greenwich is the strong feel of the maritime history. Lights – Maritime theme – Lighthouses. This was my thought process in this matter so i went into investigating lighthouses. 


I’ve always had this fascination with the sea and light houses and at this point i was still extremely interested and focused on this project.


Now, as the project is called ‘chain reaction’ it was obviously of importance to focus on this. Therefore i attempted to create my own lighthouse, with objects found in my flat, that could, somehow, be used for future planning of the final outcome.

my initial idea of using steam as a trigger didn’t work (boiling water everywhere) so went for the safer of options and brought my hair dryer into action. In a ‘real’ experiment this would have been wind of course. used old CDs, an olive oil bottle, some cocktail sticks and plastic mugs for this experimentation and obviousy it is one of the ugliest things ever invented BUT it did work. 

been trying to get the video to work but it refuses so will post a few (blurry) images just to give an idea of what the kinetic little monster looked like.Image

so the ‘windmill’ would thanks to the ‘wind'(hair dryer) push the sticks attached to the ‘lighthouse’ and therefore make it spin. Now, the idea with the cds is that they reflect the light from the candle, as it spins around the candle. this is the principle of real lighthouses, although obviously with a lot stronger lights and lenses.  in the dark it did cast some rather beautiful reflections of the wall which made me quite keen on adding this element to the ‘final design’ outcome, whatever that may be.


experimentation #2

after having looked at artificial light vs natural light, i wanted explore how much light actually reveals or/and changes what we see. More fruit and some murky water that at first appearance seems to be completely black.ImageImage


what i really liked with this experimentation is that the colors first of all comes through in a much more ‘dramatic’ way then if you just picked up a jar of water and peered in to it. secondly it proves that you do see a lot more with light.

outcome; wasn’t really sure how to use this for my project but i was interested in the fact that one might perhaps not see things until in the dark, and with help of some lighting. 

experimentation #1

so few weeks in the project i played around with light, and the idea of light ‘revealing’ things, and investigated the difference between natural and artificial light.



for the first experiment i wanted to look at how much an object changed in different lights; this piece of watermelon had to be sacrificed. in this case i much preferred the natural light as it didn’t take away the color too much, nor did it blur the ‘texture’ of the fruit.  the artificial light became too yellow, and you can’t see the ‘veins’ as clearly as in the natural light. 

outcome of experimentation; an idea of using the existing lights on site and design something that would ‘interact’ with them (such as reflect their light and hence create ‘new’ light) instead of creating light in itself. 

my site

my site

it took a while to find the ‘right’ site, and it was after few experimentations involving pieces of fruit and over enthusiastic ideas about designing water generated lights that i came to the conclusion that this indeed would be the … Continue reading

‘investigating lights’

this happened very ranomly, sat (frustratedly) trying to do work, thinking about how to next proceed when i suddenly caught the reflection of a few tea candles i had in a jar on the table in front of me – i tried to keep the camera as still as possible so you can just about notice how it almost seems like the reflection has a ‘pulse’! i also wanted to show how different the actual ‘source’ for the reflection is so thats why i focuse back to the glass jar…the source can be very different from the actual reflection around it.




‘DUNE’ by Studio Roosengaarde


‘DUNE is the public interactive landscape that interacts with human behavior. This hybrid of nature and technology is composed of large amounts of fibers that brighten according to the sounds and motion of passing visitors. 



–       as with the previous project, the main emphasize is on ‘man and nature’

–       also interested by technical aspects

–       as much as I find it extremely beautiful and interesting, I can imagine that some people must find it very annoying to walk past and have the small beeping sounds around you.

–       Such a lovely thought that the whereabouts of our every day lives/the stress for example, can cause this ‘technical’ flower patterns

–       They become ‘alive’

How to analyse it;


–       definitely on technical level.

–       How it creates a whole new landscape in the city environment not only when its dark but also during daylight because of the sound


Drawings could be movement based, people running, stopping, arguing, dogs?Image